IELTS Writing test


The IELTS writing test is different for Academic and General Training.  See the chart below.

Test time Total 1 hour
Academic module Task 1 is a Graph, Task 2 is an essay
General Training module  Task 1 is a Letter, Task 2 is an essay
Word count Task 1 – Write a minimum of 150 words
Task 2 – Write a minimum of 250 words
Note: There is no upper limit, but do not write very long answers.


Note: Essay carries more marks than task 1.

Writing Essays
There are six types of essay questions in IELTS.  You will be asked any one type.  Below you can find the six types and one sample question for each type.

 Essay Types

1.    Opinion Essay
It is better for students to live away from home during their university studies rather than staying with their parents.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
(Or, The question will be: What is your opinion?)

2.     Discussion Essay
Some people think it is better to live in the countryside to have a healthy lifestyle while other claim city life has more health benefits.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

3.     Advantages – Disadvantages Essay
Parents often buy their children many toys.
Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

4.     Positive or Negative Development Essay
More and more work in the home and office is done by robots.
Is this a positive or negative development?

5.     Cause and Solution Essay
Today all over the world, cities are overcrowded.
Why is this so?
What can be done to solve this?

6.     Two Questions Essay
An increasing number of advertisements target children.
What are the effects of these advertisements on children?
Should these advertisements be controlled?


Structure of an Essay

You should write four paragraphs in total.  The first should be a short introduction followed by two body paragraphs.  Finally, write a short conclusion.

Introduction Write 2 sentences

1. Rephrase the Question
2. Own opinion

Body Paragraph 1 Write 4 – 5 sentences
95-100 words
Body Paragraph 2 Write 4 – 5 sentences
95-100 words
Conclusion Write one sentence (or two)
Summarise main arguments + opinion