IELTS is a passion for us. And we’ve been pursuing this passion over fifteen years. While other centres focus on training candidates, we focus on training individuals. That is, we recognise that each person is different, and their needs usually differ. So, early on we realised adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach would fail to deliver. With that in mind, we have developed a student-focused training that has proved successful over the decades. Happy to say, our thousands of students have been the beneficiaries.

Happy student in the classroom

Offline, in-person classes

Daily classes where you get the chance o interact face-to-face with the tutor. A course designed to improve your confidence in English while focusing on the four key areas of the IELTS test-listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Online daily classes

For those who cannot attend regular classes, we offer online sessions through live classes with the tutor covering various topics. You get to ask questions and discuss points: one-to-one writing corrections and guidance for each student.

Personalised coaching.

Often in classroom study, you do not get the attention you deserve. With a limited number of students, we assure you of personal attention. One-on-one sessions will build your confidence in speaking. Writing corrections with model answers helps you pick up writing techniques quickly. We identify your strengths and weaknesses and modulate our coaching so that you overcome your weaknesses and your strengths shine.
. Individual speaking sessions to sharpen your speaking skills.
. One-on-one writing corrections to revamp your writing.

Coaching that builds your confidence.

IELTS examination can be a challenge to many candidates. Since it is an examination conducted by the Cambridge University, the test and its requirements are different from the usual Indian tests.
Whether you are new to IELTS or have taken IELTS before, it really doesn’t matter. We train you to confidently take IELTS and achieve the score you require.

Hello, there!

We’ve been providing training to IELTS candidates for more than 15 years. It surely has been a long but enjoyable journey, challenging at times but immensely satisfying in many ways.
The key to getting a good score in IELTS is understanding what the examiner is looking for. IELTS, being a test of English conducted by Cambridge University, is different from tests of English usually seen in schools and colleges. This means if you prepare and approach the IELTS test the conventional way, you may be in for a rude surprise.

But not to worry. We at Mentor have developed techniques that will help you crack the test with ease and confidence. We have produced material over the years that will give you the extra advantage.

Most importantly, the personal approach to training will put you at ease, build your proficiency in English and help you achieve your dream of migrating abroad. Later, you will feel you made the right choice when you decided to join Mentor. Looking forward to meeting you.

Are you new to IELTS ?

If you have no idea about IELTS, you need not worry. We will train you from the very basics. Like how to form sentences, and with sentences how to make paragraphs and finally how to write a full essay. If you are not confident about speaking in English, we will teach you how to overcome your hesitations. How to speak English with confidence in a matter of days

Have you taken IELTS before ?

Probably you have taken IELTS before but could not achieve the desired score. And you are not sure how to improve your score. We will assess you and give you feedback on why you could not, what your weak points are. And ways to overcome them. At Mentor, we focus on IELTS training only. Therefore, we are able to give you dedicated IELTS coaching. No distractions. In all the modules, especially in WRITING, SPEAKING and READING, we have a set of training tools that will turn your concept of IELTS on its head.

Based on 246 reviews
Vidya M
Vidya M
May 15, 2022.
Many thanks to Mentor IELTS coaching centre!! I was able to crack the exam within a month only because of the help and support from MENTOR. Practice materials and mock tests helped me so much for improvement. Online classes was really beneficial as I was working and I got much attention and guidance for the exam. Thanks to Rajeev sir and Anna mam!!
devika r
devika r
May 12, 2022.
I had attended online class for my IELTS exam at Mentor IELTS and was very happy to secure an overall score of 8 in the exam. The online classes were in the evening for about 1hr and it was very convenient to attend the classes after my work. Also I was given plenty of assignment tasks which were checked promptly and it gave me enough practice and confidence to attend my IELTS exam. I would definitely suggest Mentor IELTS and Rajeev sir to anyone aspiring IELTS.
November 27, 2021.
The faculties were very helpful throughout my studies and had a great time with them.The journey to reach my goal was an uphill task but Rajeev sir and Anna maam helped me to focus on my aim and move forward.It was my fifth attempt and got a score of overall 8.Thanks a lot and I would definitely recommend this institute for anyone as there is no institutions that can be matched with the quality of education mentor provide.
rimpty s kumar
rimpty s kumar
November 12, 2021.
Hi ...., my name is Rimpty I took IELTS exam in October and I got L8.5 , R7, W7 , S7 and overall 7.5... This was my third attempt ..I struggled a lot in the last two attempts and I was not able to achieve my desire score ..But when I came to mentor, Rajeev sir gave me various tips and notes and took classes daily especially in writing , because writing was my weakest module. Finally I got the required band score and I'm very happy now. I strongly recommend everyone those who want to appear in ielts to go through MENTOR. Thanks to rajeev sir and Anna mam(Mentor IELTS)
minu mary sebastian
minu mary sebastian
August 10, 2021.
Recently I attended online class for my IELTS preparation. I was apprehensive about online coaching since I felt that it was difficult to get individual attention. But I was surprised to find how effectively Rajeev sir handled online sessions. After the regular skype classes, sir calls each of his students individually and give feedback and follow up the progress. He was always available to do speaking sessions which boosted my confidence to speak.He has a unique ability to find the strengths and weaknesses of his students and give corrections accordingly. His coaching helped me secure an overall band score of 8. If you are seriously looking for professional IELTS coaching of high standards, your search ends here.
Preetha Ganesh
Preetha Ganesh
August 6, 2021.
Great experience. Sir is very supportive and his guidence is excellent.
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